Josephine Domingue Sabel

“There’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”


Great-aunt Josephine Domingue, was born October 03, 1866, in Lawrence, Massachusetts and began her career as a child singing in church choirs. She made her stage debut in 1887, appearing in comic opera and musical comedies, in 1893 she went into vaudeville and had great success for many years.

One of her greatest successes was the song “There’ll be a hot time in the old town To-night,” which she introduced in 1897, and it became a hit throughout the county. Other songs she was associated with were, “Daisy”, “ Bicycle Built for Two” and “Side Walks of New York.” She appeared on the New York Stage in “Earl Campbell Vanities,” 1925, “OH Please,” 1926, and “Side Walks of New York,” 1927.

Josephine Sabel toured Europe and South Africa with her manager/husband David Sabel in the late 1890's and early 1900's. She was an International Chanteuse and often refereed to as more French than the French. In an interview with David Frost, Maurice Chevalier was quoted. “ I attribute my success to a great lady I meet in Paris, Josephine Sabel.”

In her later life she appeared in Motion Pictures in the 30's including, “Corn Top Bread in 1930 and “ The March of Time,” in 1931,” with Jackie Cooper, Mickey Rooney, Jimmy Durante, and Nelson Eddy.

Josephine Domingue Sabel passed away December 24, 1945 at The Percy Williams Home for Actors on Long Island, New York. La Belle of Paris, singer, comedienne, actress she toured Europe and the United States in plays and vaudeville. She appeared before Royalty and Heads of State and I’m sure she had a hot time in the old town.


Photos of Josephine Sabel